Look around. At our kids. Our homes. The food on our tables. Even our art and music. None of it would be here if it wasn’t for the ocean around us.

We never take that fact for granted at Ocean Choice. And that’s why we take a moment to recognize today, June 8th – World Oceans Day.

It’s a day when people around the world celebrate the ocean. We certainly know how to celebrate the sea here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Nothing beats the taste of locally caught seafood, the thrill of seeing a humpback off the coast of Cape Spear, a fresh coat of paint on an old dory, or some jigs and reels on a Sunday morning. Most of us can’t even imagine living somewhere without the ocean a stone’s throw away.

But most importantly, World Oceans Day is a day to propel action to sustain our oceans. As a business entirely dependent on a healthy ocean, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Ocean Choice. Because without a healthy ocean, there wouldn’t be a future for our business.

But “doing our part” is not enough. When two brothers from the southern shore started a seafood business 22 years ago, operating responsibly was of paramount importance. Today, Ocean Choice is an industry leader in sustainability. We protect our ocean and sustainably manage seafood stocks so it’s there for our children, our children’s children, and beyond. We know our choices matter and have a lasting impact.

That’s why we minimize our environmental impact. We use modern technology to make sure we focus on the species we want. And over 90% of the species we harvest are sustainably sourced through the MSC gold standard for certified fisheries or under a robust Fisheries Improvement Project.

We are reducing our carbon footprint. Using the latest in harvesting and processing technologies, our new MV Calvert is the only “green class” vessel in the Canadian groundfish fleet.

We fund and follow the science. We invest in the collection of marine data for scientific research and development including the funding of an Industrial Research Chair in Fish Stock Assessment at the Marine Institute of Memorial University. We are also among the global leaders in fisheries innovation, in some cases the first to introduce new ideas and technology to the industry.

We listen. We partner with experts. We work with Government, scientists, and other stakeholders to help sustain and grow the seafood resources that sustain us. Together, we avoid the mistakes of the past.

And we never stop. Sustainability is not something we do once, or occasionally, or when it’s World Oceans Day. It’s a mindset that guides our entire operation, every day. If it can’t be done sustainably, we just don’t do it.

We list all these actions – not to pat ourselves on the back but to assure you we are thinking ahead. We employ 1,700 people from hundreds of coastal communities, and source seafood from 1,900 independent harvesters. A strong, sustainable fishery makes it possible for them to live, work, and thrive here – with their families, where they belong. Ocean Choice plans to be here for them, and their children and grandchildren, for the long haul.

Fishing sustainably means the world to us.

Happy World Oceans Day.