On Wednesday, November 27, 2019 the gymnasium at the Marine Institute in St. John’s was packed with hundreds of smiling students and proud family members and friends. They were all there to celebrate the academic achievements of this year’s top students!

Ocean Choice has proudly supported the Marine Institute’s Scholarship Program since the company first opened its doors. “The students coming through the various programs at the Marine Institute are among some of the brightest in the province. They are gearing up to be the future leaders and decision makers that will drive the future of our ocean economy,” says Carey Bonnell, VP of Sustainability and Engagement with Ocean Choice.

This year’s recipient of Ocean Choice’s scholarship was Kiera Pugh, a first Year Marine Environmental Technology student. In her program, Kiera is focused on learning how she can protect the marine environment while developing solutions to manage our marine resources.

At this year’s scholarship ceremony 117 students in programs ranging from Ocean Mapping, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering Technology and everything in between received over 130 scholarships, awards and bursaries.