Alma Gough works at the Ocean Choice processing plant in Bonavista, where she processes, weighs and packs all sorts of species from snow crab to capelin. This past year, the plant even saw squid come through the plant – a species that has not been processed in Newfoundland and Labrador since the 1980’s!

Growing up in the small coastal community of Bonavista it is no surprise that Alma ended up working in the fishery. Her father was a fisherman in the community for many years; and her brother and son-in-law have also worked at the fish plant. Some would say the fishery is in her blood.

This marks the seventh season that Alma has worked at the plant and according to her she simply loves the work. She says, “we are a team at the plant. We all work together to process the highest quality seafood for customers all over the world. I am happy to take on all sorts of tasks – I don’t think I have ever said no. Whatever I am asked to do, I do – I know in the end it contributes to putting out a better product.”

According to Curtis Fisher, the Bonavista Plant Manager, “Alma is an extremely dedicated employee who comes to work every single day with a smile on her face. She is always positive and willing to pitch in to get the work done – she enjoys taking on new roles and is always up for a new challenge.”

Alma has a strong sense of community and gives back to those around her. For over 20 years she has been volunteering with the local Lions Club where she spends her time visiting the local hospital and old age homes where she spends time with those in need. She loves giving back to the community that she has called home all her life.

While Alma took a break from working at the plant to raise her twin daughters, she found her way back to the livelihood that she loves, with people who have become her second family. Alma’s work at the plant has made it possible to live and raise her family in a small town by the ocean – something that means the world to her.