After 46 years of working in various payroll positions, Christine Smith is officially running her last payroll for our 100 employees at out Fortune processing facility.

Christine vividly recalls her first day of work as if it was yesterday. It was on a Friday in May of 1975 that she started her career in the fishery and she has not looked back since. When speaking with Christine, you cannot help but feel the love she holds for the fishery and for the people she works with – people who she will continue to have a deep connection with long after her days at work come to an end.

Christine grew up in a household where the fishery was everything. Her father, who also had a long career in the fishery, instilled in her the importance of the fishery to Newfoundland and Labrador – something that she still carries with her today.

Over 54 years ago, Christine attended the sod turning event at the Marystown Processing Facility with her father where they were selected to assist Joey Smallwood with turning the sod. At 11 years old, she recalls spending her evenings and weekends helping her father calculate timesheets and pay for thousands of workers. These are all memories that Christine fondly recalls; and when she reflects on the past 46 years, she wonders if she was destined to have a long career working in the processing sector.

As you can imagine over the years Christine has seen many changes, with the most significant being the advances in technology and equipment used to perform her job as well as on the production floor. “The technology and machinery used on the production floor at the Fortune Facility today is top-notch, positioning the facility and the species we process for success in global markets,” says Christine.

When asked what she is going to miss the most about work, Christine says “the people, I am going to miss the friendships and helping the people I work with – it has been such a rewarding experience to work with so many wonderful people over the years.”

Christine, we feel the same way. Your compassion, kindness and dedication to your work and to the fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador will be missed.

Happy retirement Christine! Enjoy your time with your family and your new greenhouse and garden.

Our Fortune plant processes a range of groundfish, including redfish and yellowtail flounder from both the inshore and offshore, employing over 100 people from Fortune and surrounding communities.